Are you a follower of Burger King on Twitter at @BurgerKing? If so yesterday you may have seen some of the most bizarre tweets. One tweet claimed the company got sold to McDonalds because "The Whopper flopped.". Did you hear about the Burger King Hacker? Who was the Burger King Hacker?

Being hacked by someone on Twitter may have been the best thing that ever happened to their Twitter account. @BurgerKing's followers jumped from 80,000 to over 100,000. So these hackers increased their numbers by 25% in a matter of hours. People started following and tweeting at Burger King once they knew of the prank.

Burger King got control of their account back late last night and had this to say:

Who knows if their new followers will stick around but this got people talking about Burger King. Who was behind the Burger King hacking? Was it any of these companies?

Was McDonald's responsible?

Was Wendy's behind the hacking?

Was Taco Bell?

Soon enough the hacker will be caught, and we will update you on that here.