A new viral video hitting the internet shows what claims to be a real UFO in a field with aliens walking outside of it in Germany. Watch it here:

Many skeptics on YouTube and on Godlikeproductions are claiming the video was shot with CGI graphics to make it look real.

Here's the video description:

UFO news out of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany claims that aliens, or some other unidentified creatures or humanoids, were seen in the vicinity of an unidentified flying object. However, to be specific, the object was not flying at the time that the cameraman began shooting the video. However, that quickly changed as the scene became more dramatic.

The video was recorded Dec. 6, 2013 and shared by O7TV. It shows 2 1/2 minutes of footage of a grassy field with trees in the near background and mountains in the distant background. The sky is gray and there are clouds overhead."

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