Our "Beer Break At Work" at 3:20 p.m. each day on Oldiez 96.1 gives you a chance to hear news about brews, and maybe win a Happy Hour from the Killabrew Saloon And Irish Pub. So, I talk a good game about beer, but if you're really into it, you might want to pick up a book on the subject.

George Marks, Hulton Archive, Getty Images

According to Draft Magazine, here are five books about beer that you might want to have on your shelf:

"CHEESE & BEER by Janet Fletcher ($25, Andrews McMeel): Fletcher, a James Beard Award-winning cheese writer, smartly waxes on beer styles and the cheeses that love them.

THE POCKET BEER GUIDE by Stephen Beaumont &  Tim Webb ($15, Sterling): The gold standard of worldly beer guides, shrunk to fit in your jeans.

DRINK YOUR OWN GARDEN by Judith Glover ($20, Sterling): Glover’s revised how-tos teach homebrewers to tinker with dandelion, nettles and more.

BEYOND THE PALE by Ken Grossman ($25, Wiley): The Sierra Nevada Brewing founder’s compelling rise from homebrewer to beer legend.

WORLD BEER TOUR by Tim Hampson ($40, D.K.): Visit more than 800 global breweries from South Africa to São Paulo via your coffee table.

Published November/December 2013"