Ready to see Heaven on Earth? There is a video online of a strange ray of light spotted over the city of Palotina. According to the newspaper The Paraná, rays of light appeared in the sky on Monday December 17th. 

The light was first sighted by the father of James Testa, a resident of the community of Corner Progress:

"He told me that at first thought it was a light gun, but realized that as time passed, the light grew more intense, it was then that I decided to shoot"

The phenomenon remained in the sky for 10 minutes and then disappeared. Many think it could have been the sunshine, but Jame claims that's impossible.

"Many said it was the sunshine, but it is impossible, because the image appeared to 20:15 where the sun rises and not where it goes down."

What do you think it is?




[via thecelestialconvergence]