The Utica musical community is still reeling from the loss of one friend last month and now another has unexpectedly left us. Monday Night Special has lost their guitar player, Scott Shepardson to a tragic solo car accident last night way, way before his time. It's difficult to even write those first two sentences, being in media I write about tragic events often, but when it hits home like this does, I don't really want to. But, in the hopes that someone reading this may find comfort if even only knowing that they're not alone during this difficult time we're all suddenly thrust into, I'll keep typing a little more.


photo: Scott Shepardson

Many of my colleagues and local music fans knew Scott much better than I did, but you don't have to bump into a guy like Scott often to know what he was made of. It's moments like these that cause us to pause and remember not to take life for granted and maybe this time we won't grieve, move on and eventually forget about how fragile we all really are. Every interaction we have, appreciate it and for every interaction we think about having, let's not pass it up because it could be our last, or theirs.


photo: (Scott Shepardson) NVP Photography

If you'd like to send condolences to Scott's family and friends, his Facebook page has been blowing up all morning and so many of them are sending Scott on his way much better than I could. Read the tributes to Scott and see just how many lives he touched...

RIP, Scott... Say 'Hi' to Frankie and the others for us. We'll see you again real soon.


photo: (The Crazy Fools) NVP Photography

Lastly, some words from Scott's band mate, Sean Patrick Gaffney...

"I've never met someone with the passion for music that Scott had. We spent countless nights playing, whether it was sitting on a couch somewhere or sharing a stage. No matter where we were, we had a blast every time. He'll be missed by the music community, but mostly by the people he made laugh and smile."


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