Don’t dump your pumpkin! Southern Living has four ways to re-purpose your post-Halloween pumpkin:

  1. Eat it: Some of the small red kinds are great for making pies. Carve out the flesh, cut it into chunks, puree them in a blender and use the puree for pumpkin pie. This method’s not recommended for jack-o-lanterns.
  2. Feed it to your cow: What do you do with a 500-pound pumpkin that lost the giant pumpkin contest? Feed it to the cow. After 30 days, the pumpkin-fed bovine yields the best-tasting beef you’ll ever have.
  3. Compost it: Cut it into pieces, remove the seeds and throw it in your compost bin. Leave the seeds in and your compost will sprout a million pumpkin seedlings.
  4. Drop it out of a sixth-floor window onto the street below: Just make sure the street is clear before you toss it.