A Prince showing off his Prince Albert, a TV show hitting the graveyard, and a teacher of the year award, let’s dive into our Dirty Laudry!

Prince Harry Nude In Las Vegas

Prince Harry got a bit cheeky while in Las Vegas last weekend, getting naked during a game of strip billiards in his VIP suite and TMZ has the story. The gossip blog says Harry invited a bunch of women back to his room, and the prince ended up displaying his crown jewels. A rep for the Royal Family tells TMZ, "We have no comment to make on the photos at this time."


Michael Strahan will be Kelly Ripa's new, permanent co-host

Word has it Michael Strahan will be Kelly Ripa's new, permanent co-host. Several staffers have told TMZ that the former NFL star will be announced as Regis Philbin's replacement on Live! With Kelly on September 4th.


‘The Office’ Season 9 Will Officially Be the Last

Ever since the departure of Steve Carell from ‘The Office,’ rumors have swirled that the series would either reboot, or close its doors entirely, particularly after the show struggled to find its footing absent its headlining star in season 8.  Speaking with reporters via conference call, ‘The Office’ show-runner Greg Daniels has officially proclaimed that the upcoming ninth season will in fact be the show’s last.


Teacher Penalizes Student for Crediting the Who Hit ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ to Limp Bizkit

The price of sarcasm is high in one teacher’s classroom. The teacher was ticked that her student left an answer blank, but even more upset that he went on to quote the Who’s ‘Behind Blue Eyes,’ attributing the song to Fred Dust of Limp Bizkit. Macromeme.com captured the screen shot from below in which the teacher explains her system of properly penalizing the student. He/she even takes a jab at Limp Bizkit.


Celebrity Of The Day

In honor of our rocker teacher let’s make him/her our Celebrity Of The Day. Enter today’s keyword “Who” inside The Classic Reward Club.