The Utica Bike Rescue plays a great role in reinforcing the idea that riding a bike in an area such as Utica is considerably efficient, because of the closeness of each surrounding community.  Additionally, Utica Bike Rescue follows through with this idea by rebuilding used bikes, that were once considered trash, into a brand new bike. "In a city the size of Utica, nearly every corner of town is within a 10 or 20 minute bike ride", so why not utilize a chance to save money as well as stay in shape?  The following video portrays more in depth about the Utica Bike Rescue's mission.



Growing up in a generation where having your driving license seems as pertinent as having your birth certificate, I seem to draw several lines of thought that I feel are greatly dismissed.  Is driving as a senior in High School truly a necessity?  Is driving at the age of 16 or 17 simply a luxury, or a great privilege that should be taken advantage of by every teenager?  As a 17 year old, I can admit that driving is very useful when in need of a way of traveling from one place to another.  However, for me, I find that riding on my energy, instead of the inconsistently priced gas, is the healthiest, cheapest and the most efficient way to go.


Photo By: Patrick Orlowski

Yes the practicality of riding a bike in the snow is unimaginable; however, riding at an imaginable time being spring, summer and fall, especially in the Utica area, is a no brainer.  Riding my BMX bike not only gives me a thrill from the tricks that I perform, but also knowing that it is possible to travel around my whole town on a bike with no problem is what keeps me from driving a car.  Many of my friends who are also 17 and High School Seniors, are within that teenage hype of driving.  I stand alone with my bike.  As they spend their only paycheck on gas, an oil leak or with whatever miscellaneous car malfunction, I am enjoying the many pros that come along with riding as seen in one of my many biking videos appearing below.