Were you looking for a new way to eat Pizza Hut? I know I have. Pizza Hut has a newer smaller personal pizza. They are called “Pizza Sliders”.

Pizza Sliders are going to be even smaller than a personal pizza, and the best part is ordering them in batches. So Pizza Hut is now making Pizza on a bagel?

They're going to be available in a $10 nine piece or a $5 box of three. Each slider is only 3.5 inches across. It's like making a pizza on a bagel half.

Think about this, people's toppings finally won't collide. That's always been a pain when you order a half pizza pepperoni, half pizza cheese.

No word on when these gems will be launched. I could eat Pizza Sliders in the morning, Pizza Sliders in the evening, Pizza Sliders at supper time!



[via PerezHilton / Shortlist]