Grrrrrrr!  I see this enough so I felt obligated to post about it.  Have you seen these turkeys?  You're at a ballgame, you have great seats somewhere in the vicinity of behind home plate, otherwise how would your mug show up on camera during every at-bat?

I'm sure you paid good money for these seats, right?  Many of us only dream of these kind of seats.  For some, it's ho-hum, here I am at another ballgame right behind home plate, I think I'll call my broker.  Give me a break!  If you don't care enough about the game (that I'm sure you paid good money for) to stay off your phone and pay attention to the game, then why not just send me the tickets.  Address it to Chip Douglas c/o Oldiez 96.1, River Road, Marcy NY.  I don't even care who's playing.  Nothing beats a day at the ballpark enjoying a game of what I still consider to be America's!