Meet Pippen, a 7 ½ year old Yorkshire terrier who lives in……Yorkville. :P 

Here is a question that I fear to ask my wife because I’m afraid of what the answer will be.   If someone said that you must choose between your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, or your pet, which one would you dump?  Not surprisingly, 84% of pet owners would keep the sweetheart and dump the pet if push came to shove, according to a new AP/Petside poll.  But still, that's 14% who said Fido is the one who gets to stay while lover-boy is booted to the street. Only 8% of married pet owners would kick out the spouse and keep Fluffy, but 25% of unmarried pet owners would show their paramour to the door.

There was no difference between cat and dog owners. 35% of both agreed the choice would be hard, but more than 80% would keep the sweetheart.  If I were out the door, it would be interesting to see our dogs mow the lawn and change the oil in the car.