Remember when you grew up you always got a Valentine from everyone in class? Well as you grow up you slowly learn how cruel the world can be. You don't always get a Valentine. In Japan they are trying to make sure everyone gets a nice card. In Japan they are offering Valentine's Insurance.

For a smooth $5, you'll get a box containing chocolates and a love letter from an imaginary man or woman on Valentine's Day. That way, if no real person sends you anything, at least you got a gift and a love letter.

This service is simple: the insurance policyholder will receive a package on Feb 14 containing chocolates and a personal message from self-professed beautiful lady, Rieko.

Valentine’s Day insurance eliminates the unease of not receiving anything on Valentine’s Day, providing the policyholder with a pleasant experience.”

No word if this is the insurance plan that Manti Te'o currently uses.