Where's the most awkward place to go topless? Try on a family vacation. That's exactly what Penelope Cruz managed to do. Check out the topless vacation photos here. 



According to Perez Hilton, on a family vacation with her husband Javier Bardem and their two kids Leo and Luna in Corsica.

But things got a little X-Rated when they hit the beach the hot mama slipped into a bikini and showed off her amazing curves!! She didn't stop there either, as she took a dip in the water and decided her top was holding her back, so she took it off and let her twins fly free!"

Would you believe she just gave birth about 2 months ago?

Kate Upton Named Model Of The Year For 2013

It's only September but it looks like the model of the year has been named for 2013. Let's give a big round of applause to Kate Upton.