Can you imagine what Yuengling's Ice Cream taste like? I'm betting pretty darn good if they are bringing it back.

David Yuengling, a second cousin of the Yuengling Brewery owner Dick Yuengling, is resurrecting Yuengling's Ice Cream. According to 6ABC, this ice cream business started in the 1920's to help supplement the brewery's revenue during Prohibition.

The original Yuengling's Ice Cream later changed its name to Yuengling Dairy Products and added milk and cream to its product lineup before ceasing production in 1985."

You won't be able to buy this ice cream every where, it will only be available by the quart in grocery stores in Pennsylvania and other mid-Atlantic states starting in March of 2014. It will come in 10 diferent flavors including a special black and tan, a chocolate and caramel mix that's based off of the Yuengling beer of the same name.

Dogfish Head Releasing Celest Jewel Ale Made With Moon Dust

Have you ever wondered if the moon tasted like cheese? Nope, taste like a beer. Houston.... We have booze from Dogfish. Our friends over at the Dogfish Head Brewery are releasing a new beer called made "Celest-jewel-ale" that's made with crushed dust of lunar meteorites.