We know what you’re thinking while you’re waddling around at 6:30 in the morning and struggling to get ready for the day.  “Why am I up so early, where are my boxers, and WHY can’t my deodorant look like an awesome bear? Why? WHY?!?!”


Thanks to Old Spice, guys can now display their pitstick like a man.  Imagine your toothbrush and razor placed beside a fierce grizzly bear, his ferocious face booming at you with enthusiasm, while you prepare for your day.  No woman would be able to question your masculinity when you have one of Mother Nature’s beasts proudly perched in your medicine cabinet. She might, however, have a couple questions about that ointment on the second shelf.

Your dreams = answered. But, be warned, the bear deodorant protector is available in limited quantities so hurry as if this deodorant bear were chasing you. “Oh stop it Mr. Bear! We are going to be late for work! We’ve got no time for silly games of chase.”