I guess there is truly a reason they call it the boobtube!

Nudity On TV Up 407% Since 2011

The Parents Television Council just released a study that found 76 incidents of full nudity during primetime hours, a 407% increase over 2011. These shows they studied were on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox. The PTC believes that watching the pixelated bosoms of a woman on TV leads children to “start having sex at younger ages”.


MARTIN SCORSESE Sued for Not Making a Movie

Martin Scorsese has been holding off on making a movie he signed to do 22 years ago, and now the producers are suing. The company whose credits include Seven and A Bronx Tale, claim Scorsese agreed to direct a film called Silence back in 1990 but pushed it aside to make three other movies; The Departed, Shutter Island and Hugo. What's more, they allege, he agreed in 2004 to make Silence his next movie but blew it off again. Siri dropped the ball on that one.

U.S. Olympic Runner Runs 5-Minute Mile While Chugging Coors

U.S. Olympic track star Nick Symmonds just ran a mile in 5:15, which isn't very impressive until you realize he chugged 4 beers along the way. Symmonds was gunning for the world record in something called the "Beer Mile" which requires athletes to chug an entire "full-sized" beer at the beginning of the race and another full can of beer at every quarter-mile mark along the way. His drink of choice was Coors.


Celebrity Of The Day

Lets give it up to our Olympic Beer champion, Nick.