There might very well be nothing better on planet earth than the football. The NFL is close to perfection, but some names in 2010 just don’t fly anymore.

Even after a supercharged weekend of hard-hitting NFL action, during which playoff fates were hanging in the balance, there are just a few things that could be improved about this holy endeavor, like the names of some of the teams.

Some NFL teams' names just leave you scratching your head. According to here are six teams that need to change names:

1) The Cleveland Browns- Fans chose the name back in 1945 to honor the team's first GM and coach Paul Brown. But, what's a "Brown"?

2) Buffalo Bills- In reality, they're really the Buffalo Buffaloes. That’s pretty weird to say though.

3) Baltimore Ravens- The team management started with a list of 17 names from an original list of more than 100. The list was then trimmed down to three: Marauders, Americans and Ravens. A little more brainstorming might have been called for here.

4) Arizona Cardinals- Are there a lot of chirpy red birds in the Arizona desert? I’m guessing no. A change to the Arizona Scorpions might be in order.

5) Houston Texans- What's the definition of redundant again? They couldn’t come up with anything better than Houston Texans?

6) Washington Redskins- There's been a ton of controversy over this name for quite some time despite polls in 2002 and 2004 that suggest the majority of Native Americans are okay with it. It's amazing the Redskins have been able to keep their name.