Well for those of you who crave your weekly dose of NFL football, this Sunday you can watch the Pro Bowl. Years ago, the Pro Bowl was played on the Sunday after the Super Bowl, to ween us football fans off gridiron action gradually. And, that meant we got our full two weeks of uninterrupted Super Bowl hype. Not anymore. And the Pro Bowl is not an AFC vs. NFC all-star match up anymore. Here's more.

Here's more from nfl.com:

"This year's Pro Bowl is different. The stars are realigned. No more AFC vs. NFC. It's all about giving fans match-ups they've never seen before. Watch the 2014 Pro Bowl on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, 7:30 p.m. from Hawaii live on NBC."

This year, there were two team captains, Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice, and two player drafts earlier this week. Here's how that worked, according to espn.go.com:

"NFL great Deion Sanders took quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Cam Newton with his first skill position picks in the Pro Bowl draft Wednesday, going for passers early before focusing on defense in building a team for one win.

Jerry Rice chose New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham and then Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy with his first two picks, giving active player captain Drew Brees his top target early to go along with two Saints offensive linemen picked Tuesday."

Here's a video recap: