Your mother always told you, that in case you are ever in an accident, make sure you have on clean underwear.  Well, reports now are that your underwear, even fresh out of the dryer, smelling Tide fresh, is dirty.  How can this be?  25% of home washing machines are contaminated with fecal bacteria, according to Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona in Tucson.   How can this be?   While it has never been proven that bacteria on clothing spread illness, Gerba says that each pair of dirty underwear contains about one-tenth of a gram of bacteria-carrying feces, which is about the same size as a quarter of a peanut. Detergent and water remove 99% of those nasty organisms -- but not all of them. Why? Most of us do not use hot water to wash our clothes and even fewer use bleach.  Really makes you think, huh?  I think we'll live though.  Enjoy your Monday morning and thanks for listening to Oldiez 96.1!