Somebody at Wrangler is probably going to lose their job over this cellulite fighting/moisturizing jeans idea because it sounds more like something you'd sell on late night TV and charge $19.95 for along with all of the other WONDERFUL inventions that nobody wants or doesn't work. Instead, you ladies are being asked to buy this idea much less fork over $135 per PAIR! But no, they're serious.



Now, let's for a second (and no more) assume that these jeans actually work... The 'effect' is only purported to last two weeks or a handful of washes and if when it wears off you have to buy a replacement spray to keep things up. Um, so now we're paying OVER $135 over the life of the jeans to moisturize when you can buy a huge bottle of moisturizer for a couple of bucks that'll last you God knows how long! Now if you're like me and wear your jeans twice before tossing them in the washer, you can stretch out the magic for a month, but still! This'll have people not washing their jeans at all or much less than is socially acceptable, Yuck! Not to mention that nearly EVERY woman on the planet has cellulite and is a natural phenomenon that does not simply go away from wearing a potion-infused pair of jeans.

Of course I'm a dude and these are marketed at our ladies, but my intelligence is insulted anyway and I'll believe in fairies and ghosts and Santa Claus before I ever come close to plugging this product in any way other than to slam it. Way to go Wrangler, I never buy your jeans anyway and quite frankly forgot you existed until now, but now I remember, there was probably a reason for that.