Researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio have proven, scientificaly, women like guys who drive hot cars! While most of us know instinctively that a woman is more likely to leave the bar with the guy in a Porche rather than a Geo, the reason is less about money and more about "signals". Univeristy of Texas at San Antonio Marketing Professor Dr. Jill Sundie says:

By engaging in splashy personal spending, men are sending a signal to women that they want a "short term relationship," much like peacocks trying to woo a mating partner using "wasteful, elaborate displays. Basically, they're just trying to convince a female that, 'Hey, if all you're looking for is genes, I have the best genes, so you should choose me." - Reuters

This could explain why all the guys at our Oldiez 96.1 Classic Car Cruise Ins are always so happy. As Rod Stewart said, "Some guys have all the luck."

So is there any hope for the rest of us? Well the study did offer one ray of sunshine for those of us who don' t drive a hot car. According to the sudy when women are looking for a life-long mate hot cars don't help at all.