When I’m driving I always get aggravated when I see those family stickers on a van. It drives me nuts for some reason. I hate when there are more than 5. We get it; you drive a big van for your big family. The decal company must have made a fortune off of The Duggars. I’ve hated these stickers with every fiber in my body until today. Check out these Star Wars family decals.You can order this vinyl decal with a variety of options, including your family name or special message below, or a variety of sizes or colors. You don’t just get one character either, you get the whole gang.


Chewbacca, Han, Luke, Leia, C3PO, and R2D2 are all included in this Star Wars family vinyl decal. Die cut in our exterior premium grade UV, weather, and Dark Force resistant vinyl, our Star Wars family kit can be die cut reversed to go inside a window or placed on nearly any outdoor surface.”

The best part, the cost is very cheap. They start at $2.50 and go up to about $10. So if you insist on putting these extremely annoying stickers on your vehicle, at least do it with some style. Don’t stick it on this bad boy!