Asia just blew through the Turning Stone Casino only a month ago and even after 30 years of music they're not showing any signs of losing steam. While other classic artists are re-releasing material, these guys are writing new stuff. Also in today's issue is a live effort by the guys that wrote 'Come On Eileen', Dexys Midnight Runners who also are still writing new material too!

Since reuniting in 2012 with all four original members the band seems livelier than ever for their 30th Anniversary and this release was captured during one of their live shows on the Omega Tour in 2010. The band played songs from their two new original albums since reuniting and also played favorites from their first couple albums back in 1982 and '83. 18 HD cameras captured 'the heat of the moment(s)' and you can relive the experience if you were there or feel like you were there if you missed the show from the comfort of you living room home theater. Take the concert with you in your car on your morning commute with the double CD that accompanies the DVD.

Here they are back in 2003 LIVE in Liverpool where the Beatles and so many others have rocked. You get a CD and DVD detailing this show and don't forget to check out some of their new music too on Myspace. yeah, that sight still exists!! Their new music comes after a 27 year hiatus which is longer than most band's careers!