ACDC finally releasing their music catalog to the online masses (with protest) as of yesterday and a nwew DVD by Led Zeppelin and rounfing out your New Music Tuesday with a new effort by Neil Young.

One by one classic artist hold-outs are deciding to get with the times and offer their music for purchase online and AC/DC is the latest following former vocal dissenters, Metallica and the Beatles. Their entire catalog of rock hits is now available but for the time being only on iTunes. So, if you're an apple user fire up iTunes and start picking and choosing your favorites songs from Angus and the boys now without having to buy the entire disc.

What has been toted as the greatest rock and roll concert ever is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD and even in theaters in some places (looks like the closest one to us is in Albany)! Original Zepp members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones joined the late John Bonham's son Jason on drums back in 2007 and rocked the stage. Five years later the world is finally ready to own this piece of rock history and the bonus deluxe versions even include a dress rehearsal too which people at the actual show never got to see!

This is Neil Young's first original album with Crazy Horse in nearly a decade and toted as his best effort since the 90's and is all about the guitar so axe fans are sure to be pleased especially with the track 'Driftin Back' which is almost a half-hour long and accounts for a third of the disc's running time! It's a bit jam-bandy so throw those headphones on and get lost for 90 minutes or so, unless you restart the record!