Incoming University of New Mexico basketball player Jarion Henry had better let his play do his talking for him.

New Mexico head coach Steve Alford tells the Albuquerque Journal he has banned all his players from tweeting, a decision that may not sit well with Henry, a six-foot-nine forward who, like many teenagers, likes to write on the social media site.

When Henry isn’t balling on the court, you can bet he’s tooling around Twitter. He started an account in 2009 and has since gone on to post nearly 4,800 tweets. One estimate says he tweeted 127 times alone this past Tuesday. He seems to be at peace with Alford’s policy, though. He said Tuesday — via Twitter, of course — “I want be havin my twitter no longer once I get down to UNM.”

So, why won’t Alford — who hasn’t posted anything on his own Twitter account in the last 10 months — let his players use the social media site? According to the Albuquerque Journal, he “knows what information about his program he wants to make public, and what information he doesn’t. Trusting loose-lipped college kids to be on the same page obviously is not his plan.”

The Lobos have three other incoming freshmen, all of whom are expected to delete their Twitter accounts once they arrive on campus.

There is some good news for Alford’s players, though — he hasn’t banned them from Facebook.