Instead of actually sitting at a negotiating table and trying to solve the labor problems, NFL players are just sniping with the owners in the media. Some players are trying to keep busy. What are they up to you ask?

Some NFL players are keeping busy like Chad Ochocinco, by trying out for a Major League Soccer team. Others, are goofing around with arena football teams.

For most of the players, who have a lot of free time on their hands, here are some things they can do according to during the lockout:

  • Star On Reality TV- They could sit in a house together for a season of Big Brother, compete with each other for a season of The Biggest Loser or just have a camera following them around as they kill time until the lockout is over.
  • Take a Stab At Other Sports- Soccer and arena football are nice. But, what about pro wrestling? Mixed martial arts?
  • Finish College And/Or Get Real Jobs- This move would make their moms proud and would show them how the rest of us have to work hard for far less money than they're making.
  • Join The Police Force- These guys are big and fast. They could be totally intimidating law enforcers.

What else can football players do?