A cat named Nemo is an amazing story of survival from Sylvan Beach.

The cat was rescued after swimming an estimated half mile in Oneida Lake. He is being housed by the Peek and Boo Animal Rescue Organization. Here's the story of his rescue:

This little guy swam at least a half mile in over 5 feet of water before Ricky Johnson (First Assistant Chief of the Sylvan Beach Fire Department) spotted him and dove off a moving boat to save him. He's been through a lot, so now we need to do our part to help him get back to his family!!! He has been held for over a week by Village Veterinary Hospital, P.C., but we need an experienced foster to take him in until we can find his forever home. Please share!!!!!!!!

Peek and Boo is looking for a foster home for Nemo and eventually a forever home.

Boilermaker Joins Mohawk Valley Flood Fund Donation Drive

The devastating floods that have affected our community and left hundreds of our neighbors evacuated from their homes and facing an uncertain future when they are finally allowed to return home. Help our community heal by supporting the Mohawk Valley Flood Fund.