Neil Young once famously sang, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away” but the 66-year-old rocker isn’t doing either one just yet despite his admission that continuing his touring career is getting harder as he grows older.

Neil Young Says Music Is Taking Its Toll on Him


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In a new interview with New York Times magazine to promote his upcoming autobiography, ‘Waging Heavy Peace,’ Young admits “I don’t think I’m going to be able to continue to mainly be a musician forever, because physically I think it’s going to take its toll on me it’s already starting to show up here and there,” he acknowledges. Neil Young revealed that he's one year clean and sober from booze and pot for the first time in decades.


Dennis Quad Being Sued


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A horseback rider is suing Dennis Quaid, claiming that he was nearly killed after being thrown from a horse on the actor's estate. The plaintiff, 70-year-old Lester Wood, told the Palisadian-Post newspaper that Quaid gave him permission to use a trail on the estate, but when a sprinkler activated, the horse got spooked and fell on top of him. He claims Quaid is responsible for $500,000 in medical bills due to "a flawed trail design."




Honey Boo Boo wants more money. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the family is asking TLC for a pay raise that would bump their per episode salary to $10,000. The magazine previously reported that the family was earning between $2,000 and $4,000 per episode, but matriarch June indicated to recently that it was more. THR sources say they will likely receive an $8,000-per-episode salary after negotiations with the network conclude.


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Let’s give it up to America’s new sick obsession, Honey Boo Boo