Why spend thousands of dollars on special effects when a portion of spit will produce the same effect? Director of the latest Neil Young concert film, Jonathan Demme, told an audience that a bit of Young's spit hit the lens of a special microphone camera. The spit gave the camera a special psychedelic effect. Demme liked the effect so much he decided to keep it in the film, "Neil Young Journeys". Demme said the spit produced a natural special effect that would cost hunred thousand dollars to produce.

The new Young/Demme work features the artist performing live and providing commentary on growing up in Canada.

"Neil Young Journeys" captures the singer at Toronto's historic Massey Hall last May for the closing two shows of his "Le Noise" tour. Young's music thunders through the hall as he plays solo on acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, piano and organ. 

The songs are intercut with a long drive Young took at the wheel of a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria from his hometown of Omemee, Ontario, to Massey Hall for one of the shows.

 - Yahoo.com