Ok folks, it is our national anthem for crying out loud.  Would be nice if we could all learn it.  I learned it in school.  But if you’re not going to learn it, don’t volunteer to sing it publicly or don’t accept an offer to sing it publicly.

Someone actually took the time to look at several youtube videos of people butchering the national anthem not just with their lack of singing ability, but mostly with the words.

Granted, these were words written hundreds of years ago, the first half of the gong is where most mistakes were made.  Check it out…

 1.  Six of the 26 people messed up on "Were so gallantly streaming".

 2.  Four screwed up "O'er the ramparts we watched".

 3.  Three botched "What so proudly we hailed".

 4.  Two people messed up on each of these lines:  "By the dawn's early light" . . . "at the twilight's last gleaming" . . . "Whose broad stripes and bright stars" . . . and "Through the perilous fight".

The video here shows probably one of the most messed versions I have ever encountered.  Who knows, maybe there’s one that is worse out there.  I just haven’t seen it yet.