Natalie Portman has come a long way since her role as Mathilda in Leon: The Professional opposite Jean Reno and has gone from an awkward teen in that 1994 movie to one of Hollywood's most sought after leading ladies today. She has a new secret project that she's working on and apparently had to trade her brunette locks for some blonde ones to nab the role.

"My mom says I'm like a different person," Portman told the Hollywood Reporter about her blond locks... "Natalie makes a beautiful blonde!" colorist Cunningham told Us Weekly. "She needed to make the change for an upcoming movie role, and using Redken's Blonde Dimensions we achieved a gorgeous, multi-dimensional golden blonde."

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

I'll say... She debuted her new look at a ballet that her new husband choreographed and ended up stealing the show. Can't say I blame the spectators! Not many can drastically change their look but Natalie has proven that she can fit into a different hair color as well as she can put on a new character or just about any fashion. I'm a fan of brunettes but because she more than pulls off her new flaxen look, I'm inclined to make an exception! I mean she even shaved her head completely BALD for a role and I didn't think she looked bad at all! How many women do you know that would try that much less pull it off? Way to go for this 31 year old mother of one who is proof that motherhood and self-confidence just makes a woman more sexy! And speaking of...

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