Our friends over at The Beacon Golf Center on River Road in Marcy need your help, they need help naming a family of Gopher's who live on the driving range. 

While stopping over, owners John Delmonte and Nick Scarafile shared many stories on how this gopher family has become part of their business. In fact, there are plenty of stories from area golfers including this story from "Pickway Ray"

"I was out enjoying the nighttime golfing at Beacon. I was driving my balls and I was having a really bad time. I hit my last ball, which I thought was going to end up as a flop... All of a sudden I see this gopher come out of the ground as my ball was landing, it hit the gopher, and the ball went flying! It must have gone over 150 yards. It was one heck of a drive! That little guy helped me out!"

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Another comes from Sharon Barretta of Rome:

"I was learning to golf from Ed when all of a sudden this large gopher started to run across the driving range. I wasn't filled with fear, in fact, this gopher gave me confidence! Next thing I knew my next ball landed right next to the pin! I saw the gopher pop back out of his hole and I could have sworn he gave me a little thumbs up!"


Dave Wheeler/TSM


The owners would like to name this friendly gopher. Comment bellow using Facebook with some name ideas for The Beacon Golf Center official gopher name: