They are everywhere! You can't escape their hideous designs and overly bright colors. I, of course, am talking about the ugly Christmas sweater. You know the one I'm talking about. The one that has every known Christmas pattern ever invented since the dawn of creation complete with blinking lights that scream, "Notice me, notice me, please for the sake of my self esteem, notice me?!?"

Some of the ugliest Christmas sweaters were presents from well, or not so well, meaning relatives. I'm not sure if they actually thought the sweaters was cute or adorable, or if they are playing a very mean and cruel Christmas prank. Although I understand you can actually make money with your ugly Christmas sweater. A number of friends have told me off winning the office Christmas party's prize for the ugliest Christmas sweater. I have to admit the idea of winning a new large flat screen tv or cash is tempting, but not even I could wear anything that could possibly win the ugliest Christmas sweater contest. If however you are the type who would do anything to win the coveted prize at this year's Christmas party then you might want to visit Anne Marie Blackan's creations are some of the most bizarre you've ever seen. Warning, you might be scarred for life! The Vermont woman is the driving force behind the company My Ugly Christmas Sweater. I'm not sure what possessed her to start this company, but I'm sure that revenge for a present given Christmas past had something to do with it!