I can not think of one person I know that has not been late for work a time or two. I found after many excuses over the years that the best thing to do is just be honest. A good example: I got drunk last night and over slept. Embarrassing yes, but some of the excuses people give are so far fetched that no one would believe them any way. Here are a few.

1.  "I was kidnapped by aliens... again!"

2.   "Yeah, well, I'm five minutes earlier than yesterday!"

3.     "I had a lot of Facebook messages this morning"

4.      I got dressed in the dark and did not realize that I had 2 different colored socks on.

5.     I have two sets of car keys and could not find either set. If you know that you will be late, just tell the truth. You will be a whole lot better off.