This is definitely a 'kids, don't try this at home' moment and arguably unsafe but equally just as arguably COOL! While driving along on his bike with his GoPro cam on, this guy noticed a coffee cup hanging out on a woman's bumper and decided it was worth the rush to try and grab it and hand it to her.

The woman was obviously still as oblivious as she was when she left her cup there because she seemingly didn't even notice the motorcycle getting scarily close, nor did she notice he was trying to get her attention afterwards. When he finally hands her the cup (while both drivers are still moving), she mutters 'My daughter' (which I assume means her daughter either put the cup there or distracted her so she forget about it I guess) and then dumps the coffee out. That's right, he even KEPT THE LIQUID IN THE MUG THE WHOLE TIME! And she thanks him by pouring it out? Gah! Bravo anyway, brother!