Being the person responsible for putting together my family's celebration of mother's day with ample suggestions and help from the kids, I have to say mother's day gets a lot more attention than father's day. For example, mom gets a present from all the kids, while dad gets a "group" present. While mom enjoys a dinner out, I'm told to work the grill on father's day. So am I the only dad that believes mother's day gets more attention than father's day? Apparently most guys agree with me.

Man of the recently surveyed 350 dads and found that a majority agree with me! According to the website:

Of the men surveyed, 80% said Mother's Day gets more attention than Father's Day. - Men of the

The survey also found that many men are doing as much or more around the house as women:

  • 60% of men say they share the responsibility for childcare equally with their spouse
  • 43% are spending as much time as their spouse scrubbing toilets, mopping floors and loading dishwashers
  • 33% of men are spending equal time in the laundry room and at the kitchen stove - Men of the

So this Sunday, show dad just how much he means to you and imagine it's mother's day for dad!