I suppose anyone can name their big dog, "Tiny", or their little dog, "Killer" but it takes a someone special to name their dog, "Beagle Lugosi", or their cat, "Cat Masterson". Those are just two of the names you will find on the new Top Ten list  of the most unusual dog and cat names of 2011. The list was compiled by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company. The list is a celebration of cleverness, creativity, and just plain quirkiness. So how exactly was the listed put together:

VPI employees selected 50 unusual dog names and 50 unusual cat names from the company's database of more than 485,000 insured pets and narrowed them down by voting for the 10 wackiest names in each category. Following are the 10 Most Unusual Dog and Cat Names for 2011 - PRNewswire.com

So what are the most unusual dog and cat names of 2011? Click here to see the entire Top 10 for yourself!