Everyone in America already knows this, but there was a power outage during the Super Bowl that lasted for 34 minutes, right after half time. So what happened during those 34 minutes? Some of the best pictures out of the Super Bowl. Here's some of the top photos from the big game during the power outage. 

Harbaugh Brothers Hugging

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Did you catch this big hug between the brothers? It took place during the power outage. If you look behind them you see the parents sneaking a kiss! What proud parents!

Ravens Cheerleader Nip Slip

Dave Wheeler/TSM

One of the sexiest Super Bowl moments happened during Super Bowl 47. One lucky fan snapped a photo of a cheerleaders top falling off. Thank god for the flash!

Ray Lewis Hugging A Fan

Dave Wheeler/TSM

One lucky fan got right up close to Ray Lewis on the field. Ray Lewis signed the young fans ball, gave him a hug, then they jumped in his limo after the game to escape.... I mean leave.

A UFO Landed On Top Of The Superdome

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Why didn't CBS answer back fast with why the power went out? It's pretty clear a UFO crashed into the power generator at the big game. Did you see this photo? One fan was outside taking a smoke break and captured this.

Next time the NFL has a power outage they should call these guys...