I’m pretty excited this morning. My girlfriend and I bought tickets to see the Yankees play the Mets coming up in June. Now of course Yankee tickets are always expensive, and you have to budget in even more money for food, and of course beer. Beer prices are out of control at these stadiums.

Now I thought Yankee stadium was pricey charging $6.00 for a beer, but the Bronx Bombers aren’t as bad as these places. Here's a rundown of the three most expensive ballparks to buy beer:

Fenway Park (Red Sox)- $7.25 per cup (60 cents per ounce).

Busch Stadium (Cardinals)- $6.75 per cup (56 cents per ounce)

Rogers Center (Blue Jays)- $7.19 per cup (51 cents per ounce)

Now for all the bargain hunters out there, get ready to jump ship and become a fan of these teams. Here’s the three cheapest stadiums to grab a beer:

Chase Field (Diamondbacks)- $4 per cup (29 cents per ounce)

Stadium Of Anaheim (Angels)- $4.50 per cup (32 cents per ounce)

Coors Field (Rockies)- $5.50 per cup (34 cents per ounce)


You can get the full rundown of all the stadiums' beer prices by clicking here.


What’s your favorite baseball stadium?


[via Brobible]