If you’ve been thinking the mosquito situation has been bad this summer, you’re not imagining things.

West Nile doesn’t seem to be as prevalent this year in New York State, but there have been some reported cases across the nation.  Most cases have been in farm animals.

I was not aware of this until lately, but here are smartphone apps out there that may be able to keep those bugs away. They emit a high frequency sound that mosquitoes apparently hate, but experts believe it to only be a theory.

These apps emit sonic sounds, or they sound like male mosquitoes, or they sound like dragon flies that will maybe go after mosquitoes to scare them off, but they have been proven to be pretty ineffective.

Sonic repellents have been around for years, for all kinds of pests. While they sound like a really great idea, they’re really largely unproven.

Experts say to stick with repellent that you can buy in stores or you can wear long pants and sleeves when out in areas that have not been sprayed for mosquitos.