We heard from Pat when he was shooting for the drum throne of the KJ All Star Band last year, and although he won the bronze in that event, he's back now as one of our 50 Musicians in 50 Days. We did a cursory pass over all of his accomplishments during his first interview, so during this second dose we're gonna dig deeper into what this die hard Buffalo Bills fan does besides drums and get the story on what birthed the 'O's musical trip too. And what a trip it's been!


photo: (Patrick Orlowski) DirtyJerz Images

Listen in as we find out how Pat got bitten by the performance bug...


photo: (Patrick Orlowski) Genesee Paint Co.

The rest of the story, well not really but some more anyway!

***For more on where to see Pat and Simple Props, head to their Facebook page and don't miss their next show at The Gig this coming Saturday night!


In the meantime, here's a taste of them with special guest, Kelly Preston, your KJ All Star Band singer...



Just like any respectable Bills fan, there's a certain amount of frustration that goes along with his loyalty


photo: Patrick Orlowski


Back for more...


photo: (Patrick Orlowski) Keith James / TSM