Have you used a self-checkout lane lately? I used one just last night when I went shopping to buy some Popcorn and Icecream and the register kept freezing. It kept telling me my items weren’t bagged, it kept making me swipe my card, than it froze up and I had to wait for a cashier to come over and help. It was such a hassle, and I might think twice before using them ever again. I guess that’s one reason this next story may have some truth.

According to a new survey, more and more customers are staying away from self-checkout lanes in stores and preferring to deal with actual clerks instead. Remember how the self-service lanes were supposed to be the wave of the future? The lanes were taking us into the Jetsons era and they were suppose to help customers get out of the store faster, and save the stores labor costs.

Many shoppers stay away from the self-checkout lanes because the machines are unreliable, they want to use coupons and most importantly they just want personal service. Some big grocery chains across the country are already phasing out the lanes.

Do you use these self-checkouts a lot?