Milwaukee, the city that's the home of Miller beer, and whose baseball team is called the Brewers has a new title. If you can’t figure it out by these beer hints then read more!

Milwaukee has been named the drunkest city in the country.  Who would've thunkkk it? According to a study by The Daily Beast, Milwaukee is the drunkest city in the U.S.  The way they came up with this answer was based on average alcohol consumption per person, binge drinking stats, and deaths from alcohol-related liver disease.

According to the survey, the average Milwaukee resident puts down 12.76 drinks per month and 21.8% of the locals are binge drinkers.  Binge drinking is defined as having four to five drinks in a single night.  Here's the rest of the top 5

1) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2) Fargo, North Dakota

3) San Francisco, California

4) Austin, Texas

5) Reno, Nevada