Many claim the U.S. government cover up UFO's on a daily basis. Did they just get caught trying to truck a UFO on the Vegas 15? It looks like photos were caught from that moment. 

According to Whizba, Colin Mcleod was driving along the Vegas 15 when he found himself stopping because the road was closed. Seeing that it was closed, one of his friends decided to take a ride on a dirt bike and spot what the government may have been up too:

His friend saw something which was shocking...The friend took a ride up the road for about a mile the area was covered with police officers cars and tanks to his left police and to his right they were trying to take his equipment, and they were all guarding an army issue lorry which had something very strange sitting in the bed of the back trailer." What this object is can be debated but what it looks like is a UFO grounded and strapped to the back end of a lorry which in that area it gives the story some validation."

The weird thing about that night, and this story, is that all photos were remoed wirelessly from the scene....EXCEPT one. This photo was uploaded to the "Cloud" before it was deleted off of a phone.

What are your thoughts on it?