That's right, the girl we grew up with in 'That 70's Show' and wished we co-starred alongside in 'Friends With Benefits' (move over JT) is less than a year away from her 'Dirty Thirty' birthday and has been voted the Sexiest Woman alive by Esquire Magazine topping a list of 23 other hopefuls who are no slouches either.


"If I wanted to charm the pants off you, I could." She talks like that and she looks like that, even when she's really not trying hard at all. A brief encounter with the most beautiful, opinionated, talkative, and funny movie star that we've all known since she was nine. But first, a special Mila Kunis video — and, you know, photos....

This Ukranian jumped ship when she was 8 and has been making waves every since. She surprisingly doesn't think she's all that funny and is equally humble regarding her looks preferring not to wear any makeup and not afraid to leave the house without it. Of course the magazine has an extensive interview which is displayed in it's unedited entirety on Esquire's website. I found it to be an extremely interesting and telling peek into the girl we only see onscreen playing someone else, although she appears JUST as spritely off-screen as on.

You'll probably find it interesting too if you can but yank yourself away (yes, YOU!) from staring at her for just a few minutes! But, if you're not into reading all that much, just scroll down a tad further and the video you're waiting for is ready for clicking, multiple times if need be. While you're gawking, answer me this... Did Esquire get it right?