Owner of the New York Mets, Fred Wilpon, gave his honest assessment of the top three current Mets players in a recent interview in The New Yorker. While the majority of the article focused on the Bernie Madoff scandal and how it has affected the Mets, Wilpon also discussed baseball and the Mets top three players. Speaking about Mets shortstop Jose Reyes, Madoff said Reyes wants Carl Crawford money but won't get if from the Mets. Madoff called outfielder Carlos Beltran overpaid and said thirdbaseman David Wright is a good player but not a superstar.

I find his comment refreshing and right on the money! Reyes is past his prime and is one slide away from a trip to the disabled list. Carlos Beltran used a playoff performance to become one of the most overpaid outfielders in baseball. David Wright is a solid thirdbaseman. He is not a superstar.

What do you think? Was Madoff right or wrong? Leave your opinions here!