Habits that may be ingrained into our DNA or maybe something we just picked up many years ago during our childhood.  Here are some habits of our that our bad and women don't like them.  Most of the time they can be quick to call you out on it.  Just for the record, Chip is not guilty of any of these bad habits.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

1.  You're Late - This is ok for women, but don't you dare do it. 

2.  I Forgot - This might be ok in life, in other situations, but won't work with her, she hates this.  Sure, we remember the important stuff like kickoff time, tee time, tip-off, poker game at your buddy's house.  Try to remember some things that are important to her.

3.  You Leave Things Out - Witholding information can be construed as lying.  Depends on how well you argue that point.  Skeletons in your closet?  Air it out!  Did you screw up?  Just admit it!

4.  You Under-Do it - Yes you do, don't you?  Birthdays, anniversaries, and other get-togethers are extremely important to her and she hates that don't agree and you under-do things or you do like I do and try to throw everything together last minute.

5.  You Stare At Other Women - Well, maybe not stare, how about a quick glance?  You may think she doesn't notice, but she does. 

So what do you do?  Break the habit!  These things all add up to one thing: If you're giving less than your full effort to your date, she’s likely noticed and is unimpressed. These bad habits all indicate your lack of commitment and care in making her feel good. As such, they’re all on your women’s most hated habits list.