Whether it was love at first sight or a relationship that developed over time and many miles, there’s no denying it – drivers love their vehicles.

A new survey by Jiffy Lube shows that drivers shower their rides with affection just as they do a close friend or family member. More than a third of drivers admit they’ve humanized their vehicle by providing words of encouragement, doling out compliments, and apologizing or saying thanks. Drivers are 30% more likely to encourage their cars for good performance than they were three years ago. Today, 60% of drivers say they provide encouragement to their rides in various ways:

  • Three-in-five drivers say they’ve shown affection for their cars by providing verbal support or physical gestures of encouragement – such as rubbing the dashboard or steering wheel – to get their rides to start up, speed up, not stall or stop.
  • Almost half of drivers have thanked their cars for a job well done and nearly a third have apologized to their vehicles – be it for driving recklessly or getting into an accident.