We've had guitar players, bass players, drummers, singers and keyboard players, but as the first blues guy on the show for the 50 Musicians series, Tom Townsley gets the word out about a branch of the music scene that quite literally birthed all of the others that we all hear and see anywhere. The planets didn't align, so we didn't get to hear him play his harmonica on-air this time but as the head of the MV Blues Society he had no problem representing his brethren and whetting our appetite for more of what he has to offer. Check out our conversation as we caught him before his teaching day at MVCC this morning.


photo: (Tom Townsley) Marc Berns

Listen in as we meet Tom and learn how he got to where he is and why the Blues is IT!


photo: (Tom Townsley) Larrv Hoyt

Now for more about this former radio DJ and his life on and off the microphone


We didn't get to hear him in studio, so check out this fairly recent video of the man blowin that harp!



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