In 2004, immediately after completing his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from RIT in Rochester NY, Nick Pryputniewicz and his wife Junell started NP Environmental selling and installing outdoor wood furnaces, radiant floors and general
mechanical services. By early 2008, Nick recognized a knowledge gap between conventional technologies and the systems of tomorrow. Many of the local businesses he competed against were "Heating and Plumbing" companies that had been around for generations. They were expert oil furnace and domestic water installers but they lacked the vision to see beyond twenty year old technology. From that, he began focusing his education and efforts on energy efficient ground source heat pumps (GSHP) and control systems.

"I remember when I installed my first geo system - It was an Earthlinked Direct Exchange unit. People told me I was crazy and there was no way the cold North East ground was going to heat a house during our frigid winters. After their first winter and one of the coldest on record, I asked my customer to estimate their savings since installation. I was reaffirmed of my insanity when she told me it cost less than $600 for the whole winter and her oil bill would have been close to $4,000. With savings like that, you’re crazy not to invest in this technology." - Nick Pryputniewicz